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Buyer/Seller Inspections

Ensuring your home is safe to be occupied, peace of mind for both parties, avoid potential hazards!




Radon Inspection​

You can't see radon gas and breathing in high levels of radon can raise your risk of lung cancer. Testing your home is the only way to find out if you have a radon problem. If you do, then you can fix it.




Wood Destroying Organisms​

Having a home inspector check your homes foundation for WDO can help you get ahead of the problem before damage occurs.




Water Testing

Ensure your water is suitable for it's intended use, especially if you'll be drinking it!

Snowbird (Winterization) Inspection

Are you a part timer is in the Blue Water Area? We can help you to be sure your home is safe to be unoccupied while you are away. Discounted inspection service.



Review Inspection​

If we have already inspected your property for another party, we will come back and reinspect it for you at less than half the cost of the original inspection. 




Home Preservation/Maintenance Plan

Stay Ahead of Costly Repairs!

Pay a one time enrollment fee and have us inspect your home (or a new home) 5 times in 5 years at a discounted rate. You have your vehicle maintained, why not your home? 


Listing Inspections

Fast track your sales by having an inspection done before you show the home to potential buyers.

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