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Is HomeServe Worth the Money?

If you own your home, you undoubtedly have had to have some kind of home repair service performed. Some of us are lucky enough to know how to do the work ourselves but you can’t argue that even if you do know how, you may not have the time or simply don’t want to. And if we are being honest with ourselves, we don’t actually know everything there is to know about all of our home utility systems!

I live in St. Clair County, MI. I have Semco Energy as my gas provider. Many years ago I started getting offers for HomeServe whenever I paid my bill online and I even had mailings sent to my home. I eventually took the bait and looked into it and I am so glad I did! I have used my HomeServe services for my heating system, my hot water heater and my exterior water service line. The best part about it, in my opinion, is that I didn’t have that freak out moment because I couldn’t afford the service call, couldn’t afford the repair or definitely couldn’t afford to replace…well…anything! I knew all I had to do was call Homeserve. They set up the appointment for me with one of their vetted, licensed, certified and insured contractors. Luckily, in my case, nothing had to be replaced, just repaired and I didn’t have to pay the contractor anything out of pocket!

HomeServe is an independent provider of home repair service solutions. For over a decade, we have helped homeowners protect against the expense and inconvenience of water, sewer, electrical, heating, and cooling home emergencies by managing affordable coverage, and offering a quality service. HomeServe, with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, serves more than 4 million homeowners in the U.S. and Canada and dedicates itself to being a customer-focused company providing best-in-class emergency repair services through leading utility partners, municipalities and directly to consumers.”

Now that you know who HomeServe is, let’s get into what they cover. You can visit their website to get a better breakdown of this list and their rates later.

  • Gas Line Coverage-2 different plans available

  • Exterior Electrical

  • Interior Electrical

  • Exterior Water Service Line

  • Exterior Sewer/Septic Line

  • Interior Plumbing and Drainage System

  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement

  • Water Heater Repair

  • Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Cooling

  • Heating

Each one of these plans carry a monthly charge that goes right on your Semco billing statement and every plan, although priced separately, has a fee less than $10 a month, some are less than $5. I know we already pay a high price for gas but I didn’t have an extra $1400 to $1800 when my exterior water line broke so you can see why paying the additional monthly fees isn't that big a deal in hindsight.

As quoted earlier, HomeServe has an A+ BBB rating, they offer a 1 year repair guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee. In my opinion, HomeServe is definitely worth the money and even though having a utility breakdown is not convenient, calling HomeServe to help you out when you need them is very convenient and hassle free.

If you are not sure you will need these services anytime soon, Call JPF Home Inspections for a full foundation to roof report including a FREE home maintenance manual to help you keep track of your home's health. We would be happy to review your utilities with you!

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